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iPad Smartcase


SmartCase® transforms the iPhone or iPad into an entertainment powerhouse. SmartCase 5 is our 5th generation SmartCase® and the world's most advanced iPhone & iPad accessory. Featuring, a patented design battery pack and our signature Touch-Thru glass screen case. It offers a sleek appearance, flowing curves and non-slip grips.

iPhone 5 & iPad mini SmartCase
Denali water-proof iphone case


DENALI is an ultimate water-proof case tested to exceed the standards for impact protection and dust/sand penetration set forth by the United States Military. Being strong enough for our fighting forces on the battlefield, it should hold up to anything the average weekend warrior throws at it!

iPhone 5 water-proof case
Military iPhone case

RUBICON CASE for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S

From introducing the first SmartCase® to winning the best iPhone case of the year award, the course of iPhone protection and design has long been guided by IvySkin. The all-new Rubicon Case leads it boldly into a new era. From its Touch-Thru® grille to its muscular body and impeccable material, it's an ultramodern classic.
Built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing Polysilicon, Rubicon is IvySkin’s most protective case, designed to protect against dirt, sand, wind, rain, shock, vibration and other environmental factors. A built-in Tempered Glass screen protector covers the Multi-Touch display while hinged plugs seal ports and controls. 

iPhone Wrangler case
CamelBack iPhone case


With a sculpted ambidextrous convex shape and easy to hold grip, you can protect and hold the iPhone 5 comfortably and effortlessly for as long as you want. The scientifically designed and patent-pending CamelBack case fits just right and provides a comfortable, stable grip.

camel back iphone case
iphone 5 reception case


Reception Case™ is an ultra thin protection solution unlike any other in the market. Measuring in at a tiny 0.6mm thin, it is the world's thinnest iPhone 5 case. It is an Ultra Clear, Ultra Thin case made from an unbelievably tough material. We have utilized a revolutionary Polycarbonate material resulting in an Ultra Clear, Ultra Thin case made from an unbelievably tough material. It's so discreet you'll barely notice you have a case on; it's as naked as it can be to showcase iPhone's 5 beauty.

iphone 5 reception case