Why Ivy - Design


Drops, accidents and scratches happen. We intentionally prepare for them. Corner as well as angle zones at the front with Glass touch-thru glass as well as added Polycarbonate on the corners help dissipate the energy and force of a drop. Our engineers also strategically designed our cases to help protect the iPhone, iPod or the new iPad. When something goes wrong, your IvySkin case does everything it can to help protect its content.

By carefully weighing factors like aesthetics, protection, and the optimal position of the side grips, IvySkin patented products are able to infuse the ultimate Polycarbonate materials with a tank-like slim design and still maintain slim ergonomic measurements for the devices inside. An even more impressive figure is the glass touch-thru screen and battery capacity on our SmartCase which is almost twice than its closest competitor.


Most of our cases are built on a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock-absorbing Polysilicon interior. A built-in GLASS screen protector seals the Multi-Touch display from the outsideenvironment.

From whatever angle you take to admire our cases, you’ll see the inspired result of considered design, down to the very last millimeter.